Time travel

Like, how cool is that?!?
How do we really measure distances in big cities nowadays? Certainly not in miles or kilometers — instead, what matters is time.
Hence, Tom Carden has made this wonderful Travel Time Tube Map application, which dynamically maps your distance from a chosen London tube station to all the other ones, along axes of time — every circle in the diagram equates ten minutes (excluding waiting times and interchange times). Try it, its interactive!
I found out about this really clever interactive map idea through visualcomplexity.com, and funnily enough, they point out that it was inspired by Oskar Karlin’s reworking of the tube map around the time to travel from Elephant and Castle, and Rod McLaren’s subsequent sketch 10 Minutes tube travel from Oxford Circus. Funnily enough, it struck me – I know Oskar since earlier (were both from Stockholm), and his in itself time-consuming, but passionate labour of mapping out this extremely familiar map in such a seemingly counter-intuitive, but oh-so-clever way, is worth mentioning here.

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