DJing, scratching goes all Baroque

The era of the Turntable only being able to perform or play records for a DJ or consumer has now been re-invented to bring you a new instrument, the TURNTABLE INSTRUMENT.

Vestax are heralding a sea change in the way DJs play and scratch records. With the brand new Controller One turntable from said corporation, the DJ will be able to scratch like a true, tonal instrument when utilizing all of the table’s pitch control functions. The Controller One has foot/hand settings alongside a powerful motor that can change the pitch in perfect increments to match notes, like a true synth.
There are even special scratch records dedicated to this particular turntable, utilizing locked grooves and pre-recorded frequencies which can be pitch-shifted and moulded by the DJ’s hands and feet. Yes, feet — it’s got a friggin’ pedal, like a church organ!
This is truly the sign of DJ culture having reached some sort of an apex, where even the most un-cool office boffins (think Gareth Keenan from The Office) and friends of your uncle’s are shamelessly using the phrase “spinning,” as if we were talking about some kind of boy scout championships here. And we have full-time scratch DJs, who claim sick leave for carpal tunnel syndrome and fail to see the similarities between Jean-Michel Jarre’s or Yanni’s bombastic, custom-built laser synths, or Yngwie Malmsteen’s guitar solo wank-fests, and their own pompous, overblown musicianship.
Damn…. it’s almost like one would have to drop some deliberately crude MF Doom sh*, just to protest.

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