I tried to do my own thing
but the trouble with your own thing
is you end up on your own

The Beta Band, “Simple”

I have had a passion for music since I was about 15 years old, rummaging through import CDs in my local, suburban record shop (yes, kids, a shop specialising in selling plastic discs containing recorded music; it’s a quaint thing, I know).

These are some of the things I believe in: Pharoah Sanders, lovers rock, Prefab Sprout, Laura Nyro, modern soul, Robert Wyatt, Nina Simone, doo wop, Moondog, dub, showtunes, latin, and the hardcore continuum. Starting to re-engage with hip-hop again. EPMD, Marley Marl, that kind of thing.

C.U.S.P.CDR - VA 2.1For some years, I made music together with Gareth Jones (Twin Cities) under the name Analog Jones. We have had stuff released on Flogsta Danshall, Mukatsuku Records, and Burntprogress.

I’m on Discogs, you can find me here. I have written about various aspects of music, small and large, in blogs, newspapers and other publications – including a lot of more recent musings on the materiality of mp3s and other carrier technologies. For a long while, I was a contributor to (now-defunct) online music mag, and I ran an online Swedish music mag, Dig magazine. I have also contributed sporadically to some mp3 blogs.

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