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MySpace censors its own users

MySpace censors the internal messaging service of its own users. When sending messages through the network’s own mail service, certain words are automatically deleted. This is but one example of how the arbitrary impositions of corporate actors in fact comes with grave political potentials, only held back by lines ultimately drawn by governmental laws and regulations — lines that are often arbitrary or contested in themselves. Continue reading

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Facebook, ‘til death do us apart

Social networking sites make visible the futility of life, but also the marvel that appears in-between the banalities. When the most heart-rendering but at the same time unavoidable happens – that we die – the Facebook or MySpace page remains as a potential obituary, but if treated more clumsily, it just as likely remains as a mortifying gap in time, caught in some kind of morbid stasis. Continue reading

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Creative Commons consolidates old-school copyright? That argument is secondary

There is a type of criticism against Creative Commons which has grown quite prominent within the copyleft recently. The main tenet in this line of argumentation seems to be that Creative Commons through its reliance on the existing copyright regime actually reinforces copyright. Instead of supporting those instances of production that are small-scale or not-for-profit – something which CC might be able to do pretty well – all attempts at protecting producer rights are deemed as, by default, corrosive. Continue reading

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